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These are the sector & industry abbreviations used in this site :


B01 Basic Materials Agricultural Chemicals
B02 Basic Materials Aluminum
B03 Basic Materials Chemicals - Major Diversified
B04 Basic Materials Copper
B05 Basic Materials Gold
B06 Basic Materials Independent Oil & Gas
B07 Basic Materials Industrial Metals & Minerals
B08 Basic Materials Major Integrated Oil & Gas
B09 Basic Materials Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
B10 Basic Materials Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
B11 Basic Materials Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
B12 Basic Materials Oil & Gas Pipelines
B13 Basic Materials Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing
B14 Basic Materials Silver
B15 Basic Materials Specialty Chemicals
B16 Basic Materials Steel & Iron
B17 Basic Materials Synthetics
C02 CONSUMER GOODS Auto Manufacturers - Major
C04 CONSUMER GOODS Beverages - Brewers
C05 CONSUMER GOODS Beverages - Soft Drinks
C06 CONSUMER GOODS Beverages - Wineries & Distillers
C07 CONSUMER GOODS Business Equipment
C09 CONSUMER GOODS Cleaning Products
C10 CONSUMER GOODS Confectioners
C11 CONSUMER GOODS Dairy Products
C12 CONSUMER GOODS Electronic Equipment
C13 CONSUMER GOODS Farm Products
C14 CONSUMER GOODS Food - Major Diversified
C15 CONSUMER GOODS Home Furnishings & Fixtures
C16 CONSUMER GOODS Housewares & Accessories
C17 CONSUMER GOODS Meat Products
C18 CONSUMER GOODS Office Supplies
C19 CONSUMER GOODS Packaging & Containers
C20 CONSUMER GOODS Paper & Paper Products
C21 CONSUMER GOODS Personal Products
C22 CONSUMER GOODS Photographic Equipment & Supplies
C23 CONSUMER GOODS Processed & Packaged Goods
C24 CONSUMER GOODS Recreational Goods, Other
C25 CONSUMER GOODS Recreational Vehicles
C26 CONSUMER GOODS Rubber & Plastics
C27 CONSUMER GOODS Sporting Goods
C28 CONSUMER GOODS Textile - Apparel Clothing
C29 CONSUMER GOODS Textile - Apparel Footwear & Accessories
C30 CONSUMER GOODS Tobacco Products, Other
C32 CONSUMER GOODS Trucks & Other Vehicles
R01 Conglomerates Conglomerates
F01 Financial Accident & Health Insurance
F02 Financial Asset Management
F03 Financial Credit Services
F04 Financial Diversified Investments
F05 Financial Foreign Money Center Banks
F06 Financial Foreign Regional Banks
F07 Financial Insurance Brokers
F08 Financial Investment Brokerage - National
F09 Financial Investment Brokerage - Regional
F10 Financial Life Insurance
F11 Financial Money Center Banks
F12 Financial Mortgage Investment
F13 Financial Property & Casualty Insurance
F14 Financial Property Management
F15 Financial REIT - Diversified
F16 Financial REIT - Healthcare Facilities
F17 Financial REIT - Hotel/Motel
F18 Financial REIT - Industrial
F19 Financial REIT - Office
F20 Financial REIT - Residential
F21 Financial REIT - Retail
F22 Financial Real Estate Development
F23 Financial Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks
F24 Financial Regional - Midwest Banks
F25 Financial Regional - Northeast Banks
F26 Financial Regional - Pacific Banks
F27 Financial Regional - Southeast Banks
F28 Financial Regional - Southwest Banks
F29 Financial Savings & Loans
F30 Financial Surety & Title Insurance
F31 Financial Closed-end Fund (Foreign)
H01 Healthcare Biotechnology
H02 Healthcare Diagnostic Substances
H03 Healthcare Drug Delivery
H04 Healthcare Drug Manufacturers - Major
H05 Healthcare Drug Manufacturers - Other
H06 Healthcare Drug Related Products
H07 Healthcare Drugs - Generic
H08 Healthcare Health Care Plans
H09 Healthcare Home Health Care
H10 Healthcare Hospitals
H11 Healthcare Long-Term Care Facilities
H12 Healthcare Medical Appliances & Equipment
H13 Healthcare Medical Instruments & Supplies
H14 Healthcare Medical Laboratories & Research
H15 Healthcare Medical Practitioners
H16 Healthcare Specialized Health Services
G01 Industrial Goods Aerospace/Defense - Major Diversified
G02 Industrial Goods Aerospace/Defense Products & Services
G03 Industrial Goods Cement
G04 Industrial Goods Diversified Machinery
G05 Industrial Goods Farm & Construction Machinery
G06 Industrial Goods General Building Materials
G07 Industrial Goods General Contractors
G08 Industrial Goods Heavy Construction
G09 Industrial Goods Industrial Electrical Equipment
G10 Industrial Goods Industrial Equipment & Components
G11 Industrial Goods Lumber, Wood Production
G12 Industrial Goods Machine Tools & Accessories
G13 Industrial Goods Manufactured Housing
G14 Industrial Goods Metal Fabrication
G15 Industrial Goods Pollution & Treatment Controls
G16 Industrial Goods Residential Construction
G17 Industrial Goods Small Tools & Accessories
G18 Industrial Goods Textile Industrial
G19 Industrial Goods Waste Management
S01 Services Advertising Agencies
S02 Services Air Delivery & Freight Services
S03 Services Air Services, Other
S04 Services Apparel Stores
S05 Services Auto Dealerships
S06 Services Auto Parts Stores
S07 Services Auto Parts Wholesale
S08 Services Basic Materials Wholesale
S09 Services Broadcasting - Radio
S10 Services Broadcasting - TV
S11 Services Building Materials Wholesale
S12 Services Business Services
S13 Services CATV Systems
S14 Services Catalog & Mail Order Houses
S15 Services Computers Wholesale
S16 Services Consumer Services
S17 Services Department Stores
S18 Services Discount, Variety Stores
S19 Services Drug Stores
S20 Services Drugs Wholesale
S21 Services Education & Training Services
S22 Services Electronics Stores
S23 Services Electronics Wholesale
S24 Services Entertainment - Diversified
S25 Services Food Wholesale
S26 Services Gaming Activities
S27 Services General Entertainment
S28 Services Grocery Stores
S29 Services Home Furnishing Stores
S30 Services Home Improvement Stores
S31 Services Industrial Equipment Wholesale
S32 Services Jewelry Stores
S33 Services Lodging
S34 Services Major Airlines
S35 Services Management Services
S36 Services Marketing Services
S37 Services Medical Equipment Wholesale
S38 Services Movie Production, Theaters
S39 Services Music & Video Stores
S40 Services Personal Services
S41 Services Publishing - Books
S42 Services Publishing - Newspapers
S43 Services Publishing - Periodicals
S44 Services Railroads
S45 Services Regional Airlines
S46 Services Rental & Leasing Services
S47 Services Research Services
S48 Services Resorts & Casinos
S49 Services Restaurants
S50 Services Security & Protection Services
S51 Services Shipping
S52 Services Specialty Eateries
S53 Services Specialty Retail, Other
S54 Services Sporting Activities
S55 Services Sporting Goods Stores
S56 Services Staffing & Outsourcing Services
S57 Services Technical Services
S58 Services Toy & Hobby Stores
S59 Services Trucking
S60 Services Wholesale, Other
T01 Technology Application Software
T02 Technology Business Software & Services
T03 Technology Communication Equipment
T04 Technology Computer Based Systems
T05 Technology Computer Peripherals
T06 Technology Data Storage Devices
T07 Technology Diversified Communication Services
T08 Technology Diversified Computer Systems
T09 Technology Diversified Electronics
T10 Technology Healthcare Information Services
T11 Technology Information & Delivery Services
T12 Technology Information Technology Services
T13 Technology Internet Information Providers
T14 Technology Internet Service Providers
T15 Technology Internet Software & Services
T16 Technology Long Distance Carriers
T17 Technology Multimedia & Graphics Software
T18 Technology Networking & Communication Devices
T19 Technology Personal Computers
T20 Technology Printed Circuit Boards
T21 Technology Processing Systems & Products
T22 Technology Scientific & Technical Instruments
T23 Technology Security Software & Services
T24 Technology Semiconductor - Broad Line
T25 Technology Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits
T26 Technology Semiconductor - Specialized
T27 Technology Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
T28 Technology Semiconductor- Memory Chips
T29 Technology Technical & System Software
T30 Technology Telecom Services - Domestic
T31 Technology Telecom Services - Foreign
T32 Technology Wireless Communications
U01 Utilities Diversified Utilities
U02 Utilities Electric Utilities
U03 Utilities Foreign Utilities
U04 Utilities Gas Utilities
U05 Utilities Water Utilities

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